What’s a Sick Day for Kids When School is at Home?

Amy Sea
Nov 17, 2020


Redefining the sick day.


What do you do when your kid wake-up sick these days?

  1. You take their temperature. Hand them the thermometer. With digital, they can read their own. You keep hearing it beep, as they retake it over and over.
  2. You say, “Is it not giving you the temperature you were hoping for?”
  3. You listen to them run up the stairs, turn on the hot water, come down to tell you it’s 101.4. They hand you the hot thermometer.
  4. You tell them, “I know that trick.” You remember holding the thermometer up to a lightbulb.
  5. Finally, they confess. “I’ll work all day long, but I need a Zoom break.”
  6. You email the teachers. “Eric is staying home today.” You laugh at your joke. You hope his teacher thinks you’re clever.
  7. You make a plan. Elizabeth Warren should be credited for putting those three words into our general population. Repeatedly, she said, “I have a plan for that.” Never were we so aware of how unplanful we were compared to Elizabeth Warren.
  8. You make a list of their classes.
  9. You write a to-do list.
  10. You do your best.
  11. You remind yourself that nothing is normal so everything is okay.



Amy Sea

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