The White House Hot Spot

Amy Sea
4 min readOct 4, 2020

I can’t look away. I can’t stop watching all these rich politicians and their minions hug without masks in The Rose Garden.

Entitlement makes people stupid. We’re so above it all, the Rose Garden party video says, as they all mash up into each other, maskless, while our kids haven’t hugged their grandparents in months. ‘We can’t get sick,’ they flout, as one virus filled Republican spits into another virus filed Republican’s maskless mouth. I keep clicking on the NYTimes to see who’s sick now. Like one of my FB friends said, the only thing that would have made this week more entertaining is if I’d made Bingo cards for the Rose Garden.

Testing does not make you well. Go into any sex-ed class and ask, “What keeps me from getting pregnant? A condom or a pregnancy test?”

It seems like Trump knew he had COVID a while ago. Like hiding a pregnancy until you’re showing. Why is this COVID so rapid for Trump? MSNBC and CNN ask the doctors. Because he’s through his first trimester of the disease. Maybe well into the second. Doesn’t matter, Amy Coney Barret, would say. Conception begins the minute he walked outside the White House.

People don’t know whether to have schadenfrude or pity about the President finally getting sick, but Micheal Che, who lost his grandmother to COVID, guides us with comedy.

“There’s a lot funny about this,” Che from SNL said last night. “Maybe not from a moral standpoint, but mathematically, if you were constructing a joke, this is all the ingredients you need. The problem is it’s almost too funny, like it’s so on the nose. It’d be like if I were making fun of people who have belts and then my pants just immediately fell down.”

But why is Trump lying about when he started feeling ill? He’s like a baby daddy on Maury who claims he was out of town around the time of conception. Now, the contract tracers don’t even know who to test, or how far back to test. Not only was he in town when it happened, he was out on the town. He might have gotten a lot of people COVID-pregnant that day at the Rose Garden.

Do the Trump supporters, who saw him in person recently, and maybe wrote him a check, believe the dates that he is giving? Or have they figured it out? Maybe the baby daddy of that sickness they’ve been feeling is their President? Can they even get a test? It’s so hard to get a test unless you’re famous or live in the White House.

Will Trump admit he’s the baby daddy of COVID? Can we change it from the Chinese sickness to the Trump sickness? Or will he say “I couldn’t have gotten you sick. I wasn’t sick yet.”

And will the testing site say, “You have not come in contact with someone with COVID because Trump didn’t have COVID yet. Trump’s never even heard of COVID. Who’s COVID?”

What will you do then? Will you be mad at your President for getting you sick or will you blame the liberal media for fake news? It’s so confusing to be a Trump Supporter these days. Drink the Kool-Aid or leave.

Is there any chance Trump wanted to get Biden sick? Too soon?

So many questions. But the first is, what will Truth mean after this administration? Am I raising a child who thinks telling the truth is what you can get away with? Or is the truth what you make up? Should we just throw out the word truth and start with a brand-new word? Not facts. Facts are gone too? What word should it be?

Look, everybody lies. But this man lies and people die.

I can’t look away. It’s like I got ahold of a Time Machine and I’m the boat next to the Titanic. Giant ships have a hard time pivoting. All victims can do is jump ship. The question is who is going down with this ship?

The question is not Who Gave Trump COVID? The question is how long he’s had it? The question is how many people did he see after he started feeling sick during a pandemic? How many hands did he shake? How many checks did he accept?

Thank God that I’ve never seen Trump kiss a baby. Lying doesn’t work on babies. They’re like horses. They know who’s full of horse shit.



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