Medium Day

The Most Interesting People in the Room

They’re sitting right beside you

Amy Sea
3 min readAug 14
Canva adapted by Amy Sea

What made me the happiest about Medium Day, other than seeing my peers and friends, was how brilliant everyone was. Writers are artists and communicators. Listening to them share their knowledge is like getting a seat beside the Most Interesting People in the Room.

How many weddings and dinner parties have you been to that you wish that happened?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I attended 10 hours of Medium Day meetings. I tried to catch up on replays this morning but unfortunately, they’re not all there, which was a bummer.

Medium Day was the best party I’ve been to all week. And not only because I wore a bathrobe.

My brain soaked up so much knowledge and creative energy, I had to reserve an Airbnb in a cave this week to decompress and absorb all I learned.

Medium Day felt like a virtual salesforce meeting but instead of Beyoncé making an appearance, we got MuddyUm, The Narrative Arc, iPoetry, Fanfare, Roz Warren, Patrick Metzger, Emily Menez, Greener Pastures — just to name a few.

So, it was better. I hope Beyoncé can come next year, but I understand she’s very busy.

By the end of the day, I was stuffed like a wedding guest who had just quit drinking but was still orally fixated. I had dozens of pages of notes. I was totally inspired. In truth, I had to opt out of Sunday because I was overflowing with data.

Opting out in my house means ignoring everyone, setting the do not disturb on my phone, and transforming into a wrinkly walrus in a lukewarm bathtub. When my son told me he was hungry, I couldn’t even remember how to make mac’n’cheese.

Some Medium Day Highlights — (As I go through my notes, I will update this list. There were so many highlights.)

Simon Dillon

“If you’re going to rant, do it entertainingly.”

“I have a pathological need to entertain people. It’s probably clinical.”

Sarah Paris

“The story should come before the message. When the message is bigger than the story, it’s virtue…



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