Still no mask, Mark Meadows? What if you aren’t pregnant?

Are we still not wearing masks?


Are these people serial killers?

Death by COVID.

Don’t worry! The test is 50% accurate. He may not have it!

Wait, he mentioned he took the test, but did he mention the results?

Don’t you have to take the test more than once before you go spit on a crowd of reporters? Like with pregnancy, you follow up on the first test before you buy a crib.

But not these believers. They buy the crib, invest in a college, reserve a wedding venue, reserve a plot.

Can you imagine these guys when they had STDs in high school and college? Those poor people who slept with them. “Are you sure you were tested?” “Totally babe.”

Then, the mild symptoms begin…but don’t worry, everyone is in good spirits.



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Amy Sea

Amy Sea


100 X Top Writer, Editor— MuddyUm Editor, Breast Stories Editor-in-Chief — Comedian, Satirist, Humorist, Top Writer. Publisher of Breast Stories.