Sorry, Not Sorry — The Shitty New Way to Apologize

Things I learned from Peloton

Amy Sea
3 min readJun 27, 2023


Canva image adapted by Amy Sea

The sorry-not-sorry generation is thriving.

You can no longer expect a heartfelt apology anymore. Instead, what’s out there, after someone has hurt you, is the snarky derivative of an apology.

Sorry, not sorry!

I first heard it on a Peloton ride. Can I call it that? A ride? Where am I going?

Now that I’ve stopped paying for Peloton services and the Peloton mothership cut me off from their instructors, there’s a towel rack in my basement shaped like a bike. It’s not going anywhere. With or without me. So, is it a ride?

Sorry, not sorry Peloton.

I wonder if Sex in the City/ And Just Like That feels bad about killing Peloton. After they killed Big. Of all the ways to die, Sex in the City killed two birds with one stone. Do you think the writers of the show hated exercise?

What are those people who hate exercise again called? Lazy? Sorry, not sorry.

No, seriously, why would the writers do that to Peloton? Did they find a $2,000 bike that didn’t go anywhere offensive?



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