School Daze in the time of COVID

Amy Sea
2 min readJul 22, 2020

Can’t we just go to sleep for a year?

That would be so nice. Just close our eyes, eat some food that sustained us, feed our pets with some food that sustained them, and dream.

Just close our eyes and wait for 2020 to be over.

We can mail in our ballots early.

Certain reliable people would be deemed to stay awake to count the ballots to maintain the world.

Other people would be asked to please go to sleep. Please, just go to sleep.

Then, in a year, we could wake to a verdant, butterfly filled beginning.

Oh, wait, right, school. What if no one learned anything for a year?

Many people were in school for many many years and it did them no good at all.

What is education?

What do we need to know?

Oh right, empathy.

This upcoming year, as we look forward to a scaled-down, social-distanced, no group work, no leaving the classroom year, I want to go to sleep. I want to lay my head on a pillow and wake up later.

The night Trump won, I did not sleep. Like many, I woke up with apnea-tic jolts and relived the election.

I don’t want that kind of sleep. I want the kind of sleep where I’m suddenly on a unicorn and I knew that unicorns existed all along. I want the kind of dream that proves everything wonderful you ever imagined is real.

We’d learn nothing the year we were sleeping. Except for Fauci and some other people, who volunteered and were vetted by Bill Gates and all of the women who might be Vice President, to stay behind and clean up. The designated drivers of our world.

When we woke, we’d find all the most wonderful artists in the world to make them monuments, to replace the felled atrocities.

My son doesn’t love school, but the thought of not seeing people freaks him out a little.

E-learning was not great for us. We had some of our biggest fights. We gave up on each other, and then we believed in each other again.

So, let us go to sleep. Close our eyes and wake rested and ready for anything.



Amy Sea

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