Jump Narcissist, Jump

Enabling. It’s a full-time job. Unpaid. No benefits. No pension. But maybe, an enabler could save the world.

Do you who enabling would be good for? Narcissists. Narcissists really need to learn how to enable. Take the President. What if he were an enabler and not a narcissist? What would COVID-19 look like?

The Narcissist feels like the victim. Why doesn't anyone love me when people are dying all over the place? What about me? The enabler would try to figure out how they could help the COVID-19 situation. Sure, their solution wouldn’t come from the healthiest place. The enabler is the child of an alcoholic, spent their life trying to make a miserable person smile. But maybe the enabler is just what this country needs. The enabler would look at COVID victim and say “what can I do to make you smile?” Of course, the answer is obvious. Cure me. Stop me from spreading.

It’s hard for the narcissist because they really just want you to look at them with shock and awe, all the time.

When the light is removed from the narcissist’s shining face, they are mad at the light. “Light,” they say. “You are being stupid. Shine on me.” When the light shines on COVID victim, competition! “Stop looking at COVID! What does COVID have that I don’t have?” The narcissist starts jumping up and down, begging the light, “Over here! Over here! But if the narcissist knew anything about science, they would know that light doesn’t move because someone jumps. You can block light by jumping, especially if you are as big as a tree, but it’s a temporary solution.



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Amy Sea

Amy Sea


100 X Top Writer, Editor— MuddyUm Editor, Breast Stories Editor-in-Chief — Comedian, Satirist, Humorist, Top Writer. Publisher of Breast Stories.