Can Hair Sink or Elevate an Actress’s Television Career?

Sarah-Jessica, Keri, and Jennifer’s wins and woes

Amy Sea
5 min readMay 4

Why do we watch the tv shows we watch? Is it the storylines? The acting? The cable channel we subscribe to?

Or, do we pick our favorite shows based on how good-looking the actors are? And specifically, how great their hair is. But is that fair? To judge tv sitcoms by hair?

During Sex in the City, Felicity, and Friends, great attention was paid to Sarah-Jessica Parker, Keri Russell, and Jennifer Aniston’s hair.

Sometimes the actress's hair worked in her favor but occasionally, her hair led to death threats.

If you have great hair, like Sarah-Jessica Parker, Keri Russell, and Jennifer Aniston, you better leave those lovely locks alone or pay the price.

With Sarah Jessica Parker, in Sex in the City, viewers were obsessed with her luxurious blond locks.

There were dozens of online forums discussing her haircuts, aka Carrie Bradshaw’s looks. Every week, fans commented on her latest hairstyle. They were hooked on her hair. When she highlighted it, cut it, straightened it, wore it up, twisted it into braids — everyone had an opinion.

Her hair was a character on its own.

When she returned in the Sex in the City film spinoff And Just Like That, not only had she aged( a criminal offense in Hollywood), but her golden locks were outed as faux.

Fans were furious they had spent so much time being jealous of her locks when they weren’t even real. I’ve heard the same fury at Selma Hayek’s. breasts.

How dare she flaunt what she wasn’t born with it?



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