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  • Al Boyle

    Al Boyle

    Comedy writer, crime thriller author, movie buff, martial artist.

  • Hope Rising

    Hope Rising

    Divorced, biracial woman in my early 20’s | Editor for Out of the Woods | I write to heal myself and others | Support me at ❤

  • Ellen Rosenthal

    Ellen Rosenthal

  • susana benz

    susana benz

  • Roseann Smith

    Roseann Smith

    Wearer of many hats, master of some. Consumer of too much information. Notorious overthinker. Harborer of an inner writer. Must.let.her.out.

  • Emily Charles

    Emily Charles

    If we were awarded points based solely on our good intentions, I’d have won the damn thing already. ADHD-whee! Always learning. You are my teacher.

  • Oleg Ario

    Oleg Ario

  • Michelle Croal

    Michelle Croal

    Female human. Aspiring writer. Wife, mother, daughter.

  • Lola Berger

    Lola Berger

    Retired nurse, dog mom, disco queen, sci-fi junkie.

  • Stephen D. Williams

    Stephen D. Williams

    Blue Scholar Foundation — University-level education, useful job training, microfactories for everyone. The VolksDroid project — viable Avatar robotics.

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