Enabler culture?

Amy Sea
Oct 26, 2020

Would enabler culture exist without social media? Or would it merely have taken longer for these assholes to find each other?

People are always asking “What’s with Trump’s enablers?” Not the whack-jobs, or the white supremacists, the alt-right, or his relatives. Not them, but the seemingly normal Republicans who use to believe in something. Like their fellow human?

Having a committed enabler is like being accompanied by your personal PR firm. With an enabler, you can be a baby your whole life. Can you imagine how relaxing that must be? No wonder Trump doesn’t drink. I think his lies are like my CBD and calm app. I think lying making him feel like “buddah.” I think covering his lies makes his enablers feel warm and fuzzy, like a beloved family dog.

When my son is doing school and feeling overwhelmed, he looks at the dog angrily and says, “Why can’t I be a dog?” I think, “Why can’t I have an enabler?”

What makes me really angry is that I didn’t know enablers were an option.
I could have been misbehaving all this time and having other people defend me. But without an enabler, I’ve been an angry, defensive, woman, left to fight my own battles.

Remember when enabling was something that happened at bars between friends, not in the White House among government bodies? Remember when enabling was not taking someone’s car keys when they drank? Not letting hundreds of thousands of people die instead of admitting you have a problem?

Would enabler culture exist without the current administration? Yes, but it wouldn’t be as deadly.



Amy Sea

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