Did House of Cards Make Kevin Spacey Fall?

Is it too late for a Netflix president?

Amy Sea
3 min readJul 27, 2023


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Do television shows affect the fate of actors?

If actors play evil characters, is it easier to imagine they are evil people? Do viewers subconsciously think, “He’s probably not even acting. That’s who he is.”

If an actor plays a saint, do we forever remember them as virtuous, never believing they are capable of deceit? No matter what we hear about them later in the tabloids, we’re on their side.

Anyone who arms them IRL reviles us. We decided who that actor was as soon as we saw their tv show. Real-life proof? Please, we don’t need it.

I’m not saying I think Julia Roberts is actually a prostitute. She’s the exception to this rule.

Look at Emma Stone in Easy A. Ever since I saw her in that film, I think of Emma as a woman who doesn’t suffer fools. I would have followed her around like a puppy in high school. Maybe even now.

I don’t care what else Emma Stone acts in. If she plays Satan and eats puppies, I’m still hopelessly devoted. Emma Stone is forever etched into my brain as perfection because of that modern-day Scarlet Letter movie. Not because we met and she was kind to me. I don’t need real experiences to show…



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