Can someone please hit the fast forward on the remote for this election?!

Amy Sea
Nov 7, 2020

We are not a patient nation.

We have Amazon two-day.

We have Amazon two-hour.

We have Instacart.

We are accustomed to shortcuts!

Our worst nightmare, as a nation, is imagining having to wait in line, like in Russia. Our worst nightmare is being rationed or slowed down or inconvenienced. It’s not just the Karens who want to speak to the manager when the food is running late; it’s America!

But this election offers no short cuts. There is no manager to speak to! WE don’t know anyone to give us the “in” to what’s happening. As a nation, we’ve been equalized in waiting.

I got to the live MSNBC and try to move the red line further down the line, but it’s Live! How can it be Live? I need the next few minutes after Live!

Can’t we make Live go faster!?

I don’t remember the last time I watched a Netflix movie where I did not fast forward through the uncomfortable parts.

But this! There are so many uncomfortable parts!

Is this election teaching our nation patience?

Or is it giving us ulcers?

Is this election slowing down the onset of the imminent revolution of the Trump Civil War?

Or is it getting us used to the eventual results? So we can calm down?

Whatever this election is doing, it needs to happen faster before I finish this final rate of ice cream.



Amy Sea

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