Be happy. Your kids care about the election.

Amy Sea
2 min readNov 7, 2020

My son keeps running up to me asking about the election. I am hearing this from all my friends about their children.

Granted, my son also runs up to me to ask about our dog’s eyelashes. Apparently, they aren’t like ours.

Thought never, did I believe, my son would ask me about an election.

Like many of us, I grew up post-Richard Nixon. After Nixon, we, as a country, stopped believing in our government. Before that, it hadn’t occurred to us that the government wouldn’t be on our side. It didn’t occur to us that the government would lie to us. We were innocents. Unfortunately, these past four years, we have gotten so accustomed to being lied to, we have to cherry-pick which lies to be offended by.

But, because this country has become so insane, suddenly our kids care. Maybe they finally see us caring. I wish this insanity wasn’t the catalyst to make our kids involved but isn’t this madness the reason we started to care? The reason we started to vote. These little people, who have been ripped out of reality by video games, are tossed back into reality because of an election, just as we, who have been complacent, have reentered the election process.

Now, our country who recently cared little about our vote, is watching the election numbers with bated breath.

I always wondered what was going to make Americans care about our freedom to vote. For so long, we took our votes for granted. Now, suddenly, as if a spell has been broken, it makes a lot of difference who is in office. And we wait patiently to see what will happen to our country.

Amy Sea

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