AI’s Are More Human Than Humans

Humanity is technology

Amy Sea
3 min readApr 27


Canva adapted by Amy Sea

I woke up and realized I wasn’t as human as I used to be.

I was listening to my late-night talk shows, in my earbuds, on my iPhone, while I was walking my dog. A robot could have done it just as well.

I don’t need to go out as much as I used to.

There are so many ways to entertain myself from my couch.

My Romba vacuum doesn’t need me.

My cigarettes are battery-operated.

My dishwasher requires very little of my attention.

My air fryer allows me to make a grilled cheese sandwich without checking to see if I am burning it. It beeps when my sandwich is complete.

My Apple watch tells me when to stand up.

I can answer my watch instead of finding my phone.

If I lose my phone, my computer will find it for me.

If I lose my keys, Siri will find them.

When my car vanishes in the sinkhole of a mall parking lot my watch or phone directs me to my car.

When I lose my coffee cup, I feel completely helpless. I‘d put an air tag on it but then it cannot go in the dishwasher.

I do not need to fill up my gas tank. I need to plug in my car.

I don’t need to talk to people anymore. I can text them, avoiding the nuances of human emotions.

If I am having a complicated feeling, I can replace it with an emoji or a GIF.

If I am feeling sad, I click on my friend Jack’s memes. His memes are therapy. His memes are my Buddha.

If I need to laugh, I don’t have to see friends. I can watch comedians on Instagram reels.

I don’t need to go to the movies. My tv covers half a wall and has surround sound.

I don’t need to go out dancing. I have a Smart lightbulb that doubles as a disco ball.

I do not need to collect wood for a fire. I click the fire on with my remote control.

I no longer need to read. Audible reads for me.



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